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Massage using my feet!

Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy

"the deepest most luxurious massage on the planet"

Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy is one of my personal favorite massage techniques to give and receive! This technique was created from ancient forms of barefoot massage from all over the world and made into a truly luxurious treatment. Using an overhead bar system and my soft, pedicured, warm feet to stretch, swirl and deeply relax muscles. I use one or two-footed strokes, no walking or jumping on your back just smooth, gliding strokes to push toxins and "knots" out at an accelerated rate. Ashi helps to elongate and stretch shortened muscles that cause pain. Ashi may improve posture by decompressing the vertebra in the spine, improving bodily function and creating an overall state of well being. Great for clients with shoulder, back, hip tightness or pain and clients who prefer firm pressure. 


Price for Ashi/Ashi-Thai 

$65 for 60 min

$95 for 90 min


Ashi-Thai: which is similar to traditional Thai stretching including deep compression and stretching but done using my feet! I call Ashi-Thai my lazy-man yoga a deeply relaxing treatment that can be done fully clothed or added to an Ashi session. 


The history of Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy is derived from other ancient forms of barefoot massage all over the world and although the Japanese term "Ashiatsu" is used in the name, our technique is truly westernized. "Ashi" meaning "foot" and "Atsu" means pressure so together they symbolize foot pressure.

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